How to Avoid Auto Repair Rip Offs

Your vehicle may undergo several repairs, major and minor, over the course of ownership. Each time you leave an auto repair shop, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing all repairs to your car or truck were actually done and done correctly. Here are some ways you can make sure your mechanic follows through will all necessary auto repairs and provides you with the level of service you deserve.

Out with the Old, In with the New

No matter where you go for auto repair, the mechanics should provide you with any parts that have been changed out. Requesting to see the old part or parts is a great way to ensure the repair was actually made.

Show Me What’s Wrong

Many times auto technicians will tell you what’s wrong, and you might nod along and agree with them. Instead, ask your mechanic to show you what exactly is wrong with your car, especially if it’s something you can’t see by just popping the hood. For example if your brakes are making a funny noise, changing out the brake pad might be the first go-to for a car owner to change, but worn brake pads may not be the root cause of that noise. Always ask a technician to show and explain to you which part needs to be replaced and why.

Make Your Mark

Here’s a simple trick for checking if your oil filter has been replaced. Take a permanent marker and mark it with an “X.” It’s an easy way to verify if it’s been changed. You can do the same thing with tires, but instead use chalk to make sure they have been rotated properly.

Avoid Quick Oil Change Centers

We understand that quick oil change centers can offer expedited services and are more convenient than heading to the dealership. But these types of shops are more likely to propose additional services. Check with your owner’s manual for when you should schedule maintenance to help you avoid any extraneous repairs at the quick lube shop.

Test Driving a Car

Once you get your vehicle back from the auto repair shop, make sure you take it for a drive. Make sure you spend some time on the road, including the highway and side streets, to get a feel of what has been repaired. After you have your wheels aligned, drive on the highway at higher speeds to see if your wheel shakes. After having your brakes repaired, take a drive to where there are several stop lights and stop signs in order to test out the brakes.

Certified Auto Repair in Sugar Land, TX

Always go to a certified auto technician for your auto repair needs. One certification to look for is from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Colony One’s team of ASE certified technicians is qualified to keep your car or truck running like new. Schedule an appointment with us today.