Vehicle Wheel Alignment Repair Services

We provide wheel alignments for all cars and trucks -- domestic and foreign.

Colony One Auto understands the need for a smooth ride. Just as tires affect the stability of your vehicle, steering and suspension affect your turning ability and the way your vehicle handles various terrains. Texas roads can wreak havoc on your vehicle over time. It’s important you keep your alignment balanced to ensure your car or truck is in top performance.

*Warranties are not applicable if the parts are provided by the customers.

Wheel Alignment Indicators

The way your vehicle handles, rides and even stops has everything to do with your steering and suspension. Most people don’t realize they have a problem with their steering and suspension until the auto technician tells them they need a wheel alignment. Tire wear is a good indicator of a problem, but it’s not the only indicator. Steering and suspension can deteriorate gradually, and as the driver, you may never notice there’s been a change until something breaks or begins to make noise.

Years ago you could slow down the wear and tear on your suspension by having a chassis lube; but on today’s vehicles, with the “maintenance-free” components, there’s not a lot you can lube anymore. You just have to replace them when they’re worn out. The key is finding a technician who can tell you when that is.

Colony One Auto Center services every part of your steering and suspension:

  • Struts
  • Bushings
  • Shock absorbers
  • Sway bar links
  • Coil springs
  • Center links
  • Joints/boots
  • Idler arms/pitman arms
  • Tie rod ends/sleeves
  • Rack and pinion units

Colony One Auto Diagnostic Approach

Some shops recommend replacing components based solely on mileage or perceived wear. However, the fact of the matter is that not every system wears at the same rate. At Colony One, we actually identify worn components that will no longer provide their intended function and replace only what’s needed. Steering and suspension are one of the favorite categories tire stores like to “upsell” – but not at Colony One Auto.

Contact Colony One Auto to receive an estimate on your alignment and start driving more smoothly today.

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