Engine Repair & Engine Replacement Services

We diagnose engine troubles and can help assess the value of replacing or repairing your engine. Depending on the best course of action for you and your vehicle, we can replace, rebuild, or repair your vehicle's engine -- for any vehicle including domestic cars and trucks and all European and other "foreign" vehicles. 

The heart of your vehicle is its engine. As important as the engine is, most of the small problems you experience don’t originate there. More often than not, drivers think that they have an engine problem and it turns out to be a much simpler issue. However, when there is an engine problem, it’s important to consider what kind of long term investment you are willing to make in your vehicle.

If the rest of the vehicle is in good shape it may be that the best option is to replace or rebuild the engine. If the vehicle has little value left and the rest of it isn’t very sound, it may be best to scrap it.

*Warranties are not applicable if the parts are provided by the customers.

There Are Typically Three Options for Engine Repair:

Re-manufactured Engine

A re-manufactured engine is typically the best option. At Colony One, we use factory re-manufactured engines form the original manufacturer in many cases. The warranty varies from 3-5 years and 75k-100k miles. The turnaround time on this is usually 3-5 working days. This is the most costly way to repair a bad engine, but it is also the highest quality option.

Rebuilt Engine

When possible, your existing engine is taken out, reworked and rebuilt by one of our machine shops. This is a good option if the factory re-manufactured engine is too costly. The warranty on a rebuilt engine is 24 months or 24k miles. The turnaround time to have this repair completed is typically 5-8 working days.

Used Engine

The final option is installing a good used engine. Salvage parts are much better today than they were a couple of decades back. This is probably going to be the least expensive way to replace an engine and some of the larger salvage yards will provide additional warranty coverage (at a cost). The turnaround on this option is typically 3-5 days.

Colony One Auto Center can service your entire engine and its peripheral parts.

European Auto Maintenance in Stafford & Sugar Land, TX

Colony One Auto center now provides European vehicle maintenance and repair.  If you are looking for trustworthy routine maintenance or need a more intensive repair, visit our European auto maintenance page to learn more.

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Engine repair & engine replacement services are just one of the complete range of auto repair services we provide.  Stop by our conveniently-located Dulles Avenue shop to learn more or view all the auto repair services we offer by clicking here.

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