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The automotive technicians at Colony One Auto are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence in brake repair. We have complete diagnostic capabilities on anti-lock brake systems, as well as conventional service brakes. In most cases we employ the same tools the dealers use. Colony One Auto can perform basic brake maintenance such as:

  • Brake fluid flushing using the BG flushing unit
  • Machining rotors and drums
  • Eliminating annoying squeaks and squeals

We also use the highly efficient brake lathes for an accurate cut on the surface of rotors and drums, which is essential to long life of the friction material, noise reduction and a smooth feel under all braking conditions.

*Warranties are not applicable if the parts are provided by the customers.

Preventative Maintenance Is Key

The most important system on any car or truck is its braking system. No matter how badly it runs or how much it leaks on the ground, if it moves, it has to stop! If your brakes don’t feel right, if you hear them grinding or squealing, or if you just want us to take a look at them for peace of mind, Colony One Auto has the technicians and the equipment to get your car or truck on the road quickly, cost-effectively and safely.

Today’s cars and trucks use microprocessors, wheel speed sensors, pitch and yaw sensors, residual pressure accumulators, and a variety of other components in conjunction with the normal service brakes. Today’s braking systems are a marvel of engineering designed to enhance driving experience while keeping us safe!

Maintain the Perfect Friction

All cars and trucks in the normal realm of passenger transportation use some sort of friction material that pushes against a brake rotor or brake drum, causing friction and in turn slowing down the wheel attached to that particular rotor or drum. The amount of friction determines the rate at which the vehicle slows down. Typical brake repairs come from the friction material wearing out and requiring replacement. The brake pads for disc brakes or the brake shoes for the drum brakes wear a little every time you apply the brakes. If brake pads are not replaced, the friction material will eventually wear away so that all you’ll have left is the metal it was once attached to.

You do NOT want to hear a grinding when you brake because that means you have used up all the good stuff and are already doing serious damage to brake parts that wouldn’t normally require replacement. Don’t let it get that far. Colony One Auto Center can perform an annual brake inspection that can reveal a worn pad, shoe or hydraulic component so a normal brake service can be performed without the additional cost of rotors or drums.

Your vehicle deserves a perfect brake check every time.  Contact Colony One Auto to request an estimate for your brakes by one of our certified technicians.

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Brake repairs are just one of the complete range of auto repair services we provide.  Stop by our conveniently-located Dulles Avenue shop to learn more or view all the auto repair services we offer by clicking here.

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