How to Pick the Best Engine Type for Your Car Needs

During the car-buying process, what should you look for in an engine? Does your new vehicle need extra power for heavy-duty hauling? What about great fuel efficiency to save you money at the pump? Or, maybe you’re looking for a Sunday driver with just a touch of speed?

No matter what type of car you’re browsing the market for, make sure you know what engine type will be the best option to meet your needs. Here’s a quick overview of some basic types of engines and what kind of performance and benefits they will provide.

Engines for Power: 6+ Cylinders and Diesel Varieties

When looking for an engine to haul your heavy-duty equipment or travel with your prized fishing boat in tow, remember that larger engines (6 cylinders or more) mean bigger horsepower, greater torque, and more overall power.

When power and towing are what you’re looking for, your car-browsing will probably focus on large pickup trucks.

Many of today’s best towing trucks feature anything from a turbocharged V6 engine to a turbo diesel V8. Choosing a diesel option can provide more power from a clean-burning fuel that is sometimes less expensive than gasoline.

Before choosing a diesel option, make sure you understand the basics of a diesel engine, as operation is different from a traditional gas engine.

Engines for Speed: Superchargers and Turbochargers

If you’re looking for a Sunday driver to turn heads and get up to the speed limit fast, then a sports car with a powerful engine might be in your future. Check out big-liter V8s with optional superchargers that can push up to 700 horsepower with terrifying torque.

If you’re looking for something in a smaller version that still packs a punch, try a turbocharged 4-cylinder or a turbo diesel 3-cylinder version that gives big speed to a little engine.

Smaller, lightweight engines help the car maneuver around curves. While you might not be entering Daytona anytime soon, you can sure get up to speed quickly on your local motorway (as safely as possible, of course).

Engines for Great MPG: The Trusty 4-Cylinder

If you are like many drivers today, you’re looking for a great daily driver that meets your basic needs for a vehicle while not costing you an arm and a leg at the gas pump. For the majority of drivers, the trusty 4-cylinder engine is the way to go.

Boasting great fuel efficiency and a lightweight design, the classic 4-cylinder will get you where you need to go for as little gas money as possible.

If you’re shopping for a vehicle that simply gets you from “point A to point B,” look for a smaller engine to meet your needs.

No matter what type of engine you end up with after purchasing a new vehicle, make sure you keep up with preventative maintenance, such as oil changes, tune-ups, and engine inspections.

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