8 Hacks to Improve Your Ride

8 Hacks to Improve Your Ride

Not every car modification needs a trip to the mechanic. You can make small, but very meaningful improvements to your ride by using a few common objects you often have lying around your home.

Here are a few affordable ways to improve the look and feel of your vehicle.

Conditioner Doesn’t Just Make Your Hair Shine

Instead of spending hours waxing and buffing your car, a small amount of common hair conditioner can go a long way toward making your ride gleam. First, wash your car with a microfiber cloth and soapy water made with a teaspoon of basic dish soap. After using the soapy water to remove dirt and getting your vehicle sudsy, rinse your ride off and dump out the bucket. Add two cups of water and a half cup of conditioner to your empty bucket. Cover your entire car with the hair conditioner formula, and see your ride get a like-new look.

Soda Refreshes (Your Battery) Best

When battery terminals are corroded, your car may have trouble starting. Cola or baking soda can be used to remove this corrosion. After checking your battery to make sure there are no tears, you can mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of very hot water. Use a spare toothbrush to apply the mixture to your terminals. Alternatively, you can pour cola on the terminals. After either one of these methods, rinse the battery with cool water and the corrosion will be gone.

See the Whiteness — of Your Headlights

While you’re looking for that extra toothbrush, grab your tube of toothpaste too. Squeeze a bit on an old towel or rag and wipe your headlights. You’ll find that this will make your headlights remarkably clearer without having to spend hundreds of dollars on new ones.

A Plumber’s Friend Can Be a Car’s Friend Too

Small cosmetic dents do not require a trip to the body shop. Instead, simply pour hot soapy water over the area with the minor dent and place a small plunger over it. Give the plunger a few pumps until you hear the dent pop out.

Rodents Not Welcome

Mice and rats often crawl into the engines of vehicles because the areas are dark and warm. While that might seem like a harmless resting spot, such animals can cause major problems for automobile owners when they chew through wires. One quick way for you to deal with this issue is to stick pungent objects under your hood because rodents have a strong sense of smell. Dryer sheets are one inexpensive way to deter mice and rats. You can also try spraying Pine-Sol or a similar cleaner on all areas other than your battery.

Something Else in Your Purse for Help with Frozen Locks

When a cold spell hits, the locks on your car doors can easily freeze. This is when your basic hand sanitizer will come in handy for something other than disinfecting! Squeeze a little bit in your lock. The sanitizer’s high alcohol content will quickly break down the ice.

Polish. Fix. Repeat.

Nail polish can prove to be enormously beneficial for dealing with small scratches and cracks. Because nail polish is available in a variety of colors, chances are good that you can find a shade that is nearly identical to your car’s paint. You can also use clear nail polish to prevent a small crack on your windshield from worsening.

Newspapers Are Still Useful

Adhesive stickers on the inside of your vehicle can be frustrating to remove cleanly. One easy way to quickly pull such stickers off is to wet some newspaper in warm water and place it over the stickers you want to get rid of. Wait about 10 minutes and the newspaper and the stickers should peel right off.

Not all fixes are easy. When your ride needs professional repairs, turn to the ASE Certified and ASE Master Technicians at Colony One. Call, stop by, or request a service today.