Can Low Oil Cause Overheating of My Vehicle?


You’re driving along when you happen to glance at your oil gauge: it’s low! The first thing that crosses your mind is, “Can low oil cause overheating of my engine? What does low oil do to a car?” Facing uncertainty of this kind on the road is scary — especially in the often congested traffic of Sugarland, Stafford, and the rest of the greater Houston area.

What happens to my car if my oil is low?

What happens to my car if my oil is low? Can low oil cause overheating? Or something worse?

Keep in mind, oil lubricates the engine’s parts and keeps them functioning correctly. If you don’t have the correct amount in your engine at all times, it can create stress on the engine.

One of the consequences of low oil is, as you probably guessed, overheating. For instance, if your oil is low, it may cause your water pump to work harder than usual. The water pump is one of the primary cooling systems, and your engine will quickly overheat if the water pump breaks.

How long can you go without getting an oil change?

The best way to avoid problems due to low oil is to check your owner’s manual and change your oil when it recommends that you do so.

Some cars need an oil change every 3,000 miles; some every 5,000; and some every 10,000. Typically, the distance you car can go before an oil change depends on the type of oil your vehicle uses.

If you are having trouble finding information on the type of oil your cars need or how often you should change your vehicle’s oil, not to worry. Simply call Colony One Auto Center at 281-612-7345 and speak with one of our ASE-certified technicians, who can help determine the best type of oil for your car.

What are other causes of overheating?

As mentioned above, the answer to the question “Can low oil cause overheating?” is yes. But low oil and a damaged or broken water pump aren’t always the culprit behind your car overheating. Other causes include:

  • Low/no engine coolant
  • Radiator malfunction
  • Engine thermostat malfunction
  • Broken or loose belts

When you bring your car to Colony One Auto Center for an oil change, we’ll check all of these potentially problematic car parts, among others. Visit our Oil Change in Sugarland or Stafford page for full details of what we do during an oil change.

It’s easy to neglect proper vehicle maintenance, especially with our busy, traffic-filled lives. Luckily, Colony One Auto Center can take care of your car for you.

If you’re nearing time for your next oil change, contact us today or just stop by!