Will My Car Pass Inspection with the Airbag Light On?


Uh oh. It’s vehicle inspection time here in Sugarland and Stafford again, but your airbag light has just come on. Will your car pass inspection with the airbag light on? Let Colony One Auto Center answer that question for you today.

What causes my car to fail inspection in Texas?

There are a few things that every car owner must keep in good working condition before they can receive a passing state inspection report in Texas.  While your airbag light may not cause your car to fail an inspection, it should be noted that if your airbags aren’t working (as may be indicated by your airbag light), you’re putting yourself and other drivers at risk.

The other warning lights that cannot be on in order for you to pass your state vehicle inspection in Texas include the “check engine”  light, this indicates that your car may not safe to be on the road. You don’t want to have the car suddenly breakdown when you’re driving around in Sugar Land or Stafford traffic.

If your car does not pass inspection on the first try, you have fifteen days to fix the issues before you’ll have to pay the Texas vehicle inspection fee again. Most of the time, Colony One Auto Center can fix your inspection-related car issues at the shop immediately after a failed inspection.

What does the inspector look for during a Texas vehicle inspection?

Your inspector checks the parts of your car that you use the most. Other than the above, our inspector will check your vehicle’s seat belts to make sure they’re working properly, and they will make sure that your car’s engine doesn’t have any leaks.

Afterwards, they’ll check all of your car’s lights: the other lights on your car’s dashboard, your car’s headlights, tail-lights, brights, brake lights, parking brake lights, turn signals, and license plate lights.

Next, they’ll check the brakes and your tire tread (low tire tread is another issue that must be remedied before you’re given your Texas vehicle inspection pass) and finally, your inspector will then check your windshield wipers and will look for cracks in your windshield and back window.

How can I prepare for my Texas car inspection?

The best thing to do before you take your vehicle in for an inspection is to inspect the vehicle yourself. The official inspector usually only takes about 30 minutes to do the entire inspection, so consider spending that same amount of time giving your car a once-over yourself.

There are a few tricks of the trade for inspecting your own car, including the following tried and true method for checking your tire tread. Put a penny in a few different spots in the tread of all four tires. If you can see Lincoln’s head at any point, then your tire tread is too low.

After checking your tire tread, you’ll want to check the rest of the exterior items we’ve listed above (all lights, and your windows, windshield wipers, engine). You’ll want to check your dashboard for lights that should be on at certain times (brakes, hazards, brights) and for lights that should not be on (engine, anti-brake system, airbag).

How to get your car inspected in Texas

If you live in the Sugarland or Stafford area, then come by Colony One Auto Center for all of your vehicle service and inspection needs. We are a Texas Recognized Emissions Repair Facility and are available to inspect your vehicle from 7am-6pm, Monday through Friday.

Visit our Texas Vehicle State Inspection in Sugarland page for a comprehensive list of everything we’ll check and contact us today to make an appointment.