Colony One Auto Center’s Printable Road Trip Car Checklist

Print me out. Have no doubt.

Concerned about what you should check on your car before a road trip? This checklist, built from our original road trip checklist, covers all the basics.

  • Air filter
  • Brakes
    • Brake pads in good condition
    • Rotors in good condition
  • Lights
    • Headlights & high beams — “brights”
    • Front and back fog lights
    • Front and back indicators / blinkers / turn signals
    • Tail lights & brake lights
    • Hazards
  • Oil & Other Fluids
  • Tires (including your spare)  
    • Tread reaches or is higher than Lincoln’s head on a penny (held upside down)
    • Tires have adequate pressure (ideal pressure can be found on the tire)
    • Tires have been rotated within the last 5,000 miles
  • Wipers
    • Wipers work properly
    • Windshield wiper fluid is topped up 

If you’re taking an old car on a road trip, planning a road trip in a high mileage car, or wondering, “How do I prepare my car for a long road trip?” it’s wise to get your car checked out by professionals.

Call Colony One Auto Center at 281-667-0804, stop by our shop, or request service online to get prepared for your next adventure!