What is a Good Car Repair Warranty?

car repair warranty

When you know what to look for, you can tell a lot about repair shops by the quality of the car repair warranty they offer. Specifically, an auto repair shop’s warranty can give you insight into the quality of the parts that a repair shop uses, how much repair shops trust their mechanics, and ultimately, whether or not repair shops want to retain their customers.

What your car repair warranty is telling you

Car owners know that having a vehicle means taking their automobile in for routine maintenance. They also understand that part of car ownership occasionally means fielding the cost of bigger repairs (and hopefully, getting a warranty on those car repairs).

But how do they know whether or not the car repair warranty offered to them is good or not? Consider these two aspects of car repair:

  • If a part replaced during a car’s repair is destined to fail, it typically does so in 90 days.
  • Even if installed correctly, substandard parts tend to fail within 1 year (as opposed to the 3-4 years that a car’s original parts tend to last).

What does this mean in terms of a car repair warranty?

If a car warranty lasts for less than 90 days
The repair shop that issues that warranty probably has inexperienced mechanics, uses low-quality parts, doesn’t care about covering a bad repair job, or all of the above.

If a car warranty is for 12 months / 12,000 miles
You will likely be back in the repair shop within the year. The repair shop will likely offer you a discount on the repair because they want to keep you as a customer… but it’s likely that you’ll need to take your car in for repairs regularly.

If a car warranty is for 24 months / 24,000 miles
The repair shop has faith in the longevity of their repairs. You’ve almost certainly placed your car in good hands.

Colony One’s car repair warranty is meant to exceed expectations

Here at Colony One Auto Center we are proud of our nationwide, two-year, 24,000-mile car repair warranty. Our warranty reflects our confidence in the quality of the parts we use and the caliber of our mechanics.

This means that if you need smoking pipe repaircar maintenance reminders, answers to your automotive maintenance questions, or AC repair in Sugar Land and Stafford, Colony One Auto Center always has your back.

Gain peace of mind when you have your repairs backed by a solid warranty. For more information, contact us online or give us a call at 281-612-7345 today.

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